There are two main Packages available along with some Instant/Express packages. Platinum sessions are an hour long, whilst Gold sessions are 45 minutes. Sessions are typically a couple of weeks apart so as to allow you to carry out the actions on your Goals. This is flexible and each Coachee’s needs are catered for individually.

Once the initial sessions are over, should you need more sessions to work on your goals, then I am currently offering follow-on sessions ata reduced rate as listed below.

There are also one off sessions available as listed below.

Platinum 6 x 1hr sessions £350  
Gold 6 x 45min sessions £250  
Platinum Follow-on £315 £35
Gold   £225 £25
Instant One off    
  1 x 90 mins £90  
Express Express Coaching    
  1 x  90mins + email followup £120  
Express + Express + Coaching    
  1 x 90 mins + 2x 15min calls £199  

If you are on a longer term goal and need more support I have a 6 month and 12 month plan. They come with monthly coaching sessions, with weekly follow-ups and access to me via phone and email throughout the whole time. 

Payment Terms

Payment for Coaching is to be in advance of your session. If you want to pay as you go, then an initial £100 payment is due before your first session. The remaining 5 sessions will need to be paid and clear before each Coaching session. At billing time, the invoice will be converted to your local currency.


If you feel you are not making progress with your goals after making some honest effort, I will refund any remaining sessions. You must inform me before the next session, following the Cancellation Policy below.

Please note:

If I feel you are not committed to the process and are not making progress I reserve the right to cancel future sessions and refund monies for any unused session. My Coaching Practice is based on my Coachees success.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel/postpone a Coaching session, you must provide me with 24 hours notice otherwise the session is chargeable. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, at my discretion, I may waive the charge.