How to get results

Intuitively we all know that if you want results then you need to know what it is you want to achieve, otherwise how are you going to know if you have achieved them? These are often called Goals or Targets.

Heading for the finish

What not to focus on

When working on your goals is important to focus on the effort and NOT the result. Yes, I’ll say it again, focus on the effort and not the result. Focusing on the results will not help achieve the goal. In fact focusing on the result can cause you to lose heart as you may not be achieving the results in the time you like. For example, if your goal was to lose weight and you were told you had to lose 1 lb a week, focusing on losing a 1lb a week can have the opposite effect. Say one week you didn’t lose that pound and instead gained two, what would that do to your motivation?

Person on Weighing scales
Person on weighing scales

Instead focus on

Instead focus your attention on your effort. Putting all your energy into the effort you put in to achieving that Goal will yield better results. Using the example above, focusing on exercising 30 minutes every day, monitoring what you eat will yield better results than if you focused on Results.

Taking exercise

Secret Step to Results

Learn to manage your emotions to attain the results your desire. Managing your thoughts, which are the key to your emotions are important here. If you worries, harassed, annoyed, frustrated about achieving your goals, these will slow you down in order to achieve your Goals. So the key here is to manage your thoughts and feeling so you can feel better about the process; not the results. Once you get these under control, you will see the results unfold in a manner you did not expect.

How do you manage your emotion?

I will cover this in the next post.

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