How to let go

All pent up?

During my recent break for the summer in sunny France, I was experiencing some network connection issues. This was down to the local cell masts being saturated with all the holiday-makers. With the advent of free roaming in Europe, most holiday-makers were consuming more internet on the go in Europe which lead to a saturation of the local networks. The local area in the South of France where we were  swells by a factor of 5-7.

So a few days into our holiday, we had all lost cell coverage and access. I had gone from having great access to none. This was leading me feeling all pent-up and was affecting my mood.

All come to a head.

I was standing in a queue at a local which was nicely air-conditioned and I felt all bothered that the queue wasn’t moving as fast as I would like, I was also feeling annoyed that they didn’t open more check-outs. This was all beginning to get to me.

komposita / Pixabay

And then it hit me.

Standing there, in a brief moment of clarity and introspection, I began to wonder why I was feeling like this? After all, I was on holiday, the sun was shining, it was hot out, I managed to find most of the things on the shopping list in a foreign country in an unfamiliar store. And then it struck me, I was put out by the lack of cell service.

The solution was simple.

Then and there I decided to ignore the cell service situation. After all, there was nothing I or my service provider could do about it. it was simply a case of waiting for more capacity to become available on the local cell towers.

And in an instant my mood lifted, I felt at peace, calm was restored and my holiday vibe returned.

What are we doing to sabotage our mood that IS in our control?

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? Against all surrounding odds, do you find that you are unhappy about something, it may not even be the present thing? Take a step back and examine what is causing this.

How do you fix this?

How can you fix this, you might be wondering? The fix is simple, you have to make a conscious decision to ignore the identified issue. Once you do that, peace and calm have a chance to take their rightful place in your heart and soul.

Zerocool / Pixabay

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