See the Dawn

Darkness to Light

Today I was up much earlier than normal, it was still dark and the world around me was mostly asleep. Whilst waiting for my transport, I looked up to the sky and could see the a band where the darkness ended daylight was making an appearance.

This was an amazing sight and one not seen by many. It made me think of the phrase “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” I’ve used this phrase myself many a time when talking with others. Often times, that seems so abstract, like look down this dark tunnel and look for the light. But when you see the daylight breaking it takes on a whole new meaning.

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At the start of each day we have a new opportunity to make a change, to do the right thing, to correct a situation, to start afresh. It should be as simple as looking up and seeing the light.

Look up and see the light

What struck me when I thought about this is that you have to actually look up to see the light. My fellow traveller who was up at that unholy hour was immersed in his smartphone. He could not see the light break and the new day dawning. This made more sense the longer I thought about it.

We go about our days, stuck in our ways, dealing with troubles and issues and always seeming to go around in circles. Look up and see the new day break, the new way ahead, the new opportunity to succeed, to excel, to change. It does however require you to take your eyes of the everyday and look up.

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Timing is everything

Looking up and observing this beauty, another thing that struck me was how quickly the wonder disappeared and it became daylight. It was then Normal. We should see this as the opportunity to make that change, the grasp that new opportunity, as having a very small window in time. We can be so engrossed in our everyday life with all its problems and trials that we miss the brief sliver of time where the opportunity to make a change presents itself.

Translating Nature into reality

We see wonder in Nature all around us and we can translate it as I have described above, however, we should not just wait for that single moment of time that occurs once a day where we are. In fact, the magical line, or Terminator as it is called, can occur at any time in the day; and it does, depending on where you are in the world.

Every time you take a moment to step away from this busy world and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, you will have an opportunity to find something that will help you in resolving the difficulty you have at that time. Even if it is something as simple a mental prompt to do something that will effect a change in your life.

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